Gboard: the secrets hidden in Google's keyboard

    Google's keyboard is one of the most used in the operating system Android. In fact, it's full of functions, some hidden, that make writing easier. With so much news it is normal that many things go unnoticed. So let's explain some of the best secrets hidden in Gboard, the famous Google keyboard.

    Gboard: the secrets hidden in Google's keyboard

    Write with just one hand

    We usually write with both hands. However, on certain occasions, we need to write with just one. Now the Gboard has a simple way to switch to one-hand writing mode. This is important. It's that in most occasions we write with one hand and we don't activate the respective mode which makes everything easier.

    All you have to do is keep pressing the Enter key. There appears a small icon that we have to click to activate it.

    gboard google keyboard

    With the mode activated the keyboard becomes smaller and initially aligned to the right. However we can use the middle button on the left side, an arrow, to switch sides. Then we also have a button for the keyboard to return to its initial size.

    gboard google keyboard

    floating keyboard

    True, Google's keyboard can float. This is something that can be very useful on occasion. So just click on the three dots on the right. Then press the button that says Floating.

    gboard google keyboard

    From that moment on, you'll be able to drag the keyboard anywhere. But not only that. It is still possible to resize the Gboard.

    gboard google keyboard

    Keep pressing on the Gboard to access more options on the Google keyboard

    There are several ways to speed up the writing process. One of them is to keep pressing several keys to have quick access to symbols and many other things. However, this is not natively enabled. So, it is necessary for us to activate manually.

    gboard google keyboard

    So click on the gear and then choose the Preferences option. Then swipe until you reach the option that says Press keys to access symbols and activate it. Once you do this and return to the keyboard you will see that small symbols appear above the letters. This on all Gboard keys. If you keep touching them, you will have the right to choose several options. It is without a doubt a very quick way to access everything.

    Access the settings in a second

    It's true that the gear I mentioned earlier allows you to access the settings. However, it is not the only way. So if we keep pressing on the comma, the option to access the definitions appears right above.

    gboard google keyboard

    Use shift and drag to write in large font

    This is an interesting tip. If you drag shift to any letter it will be in big font. It's definitely interesting.

    gboard google keyboard

    Secrets of the spacebar on the Google Gboard keyboard

    If we drag our finger from left to right on the spacebar we can change fields easily. This is very useful in forms. This way we don't have to be leaving the keyboard to select a new field and fill it.

    However Gboard for Android can be downloaded on here. For iPhone is available on here.

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