FreeBSD 13.0: The Unixoid operating system gets a major update

    The FreeBSD Project has released FreeBSD 13.0 after a long development period, the 13th major version of its free and completely Unixoid operating system. Like every major release, FreeBSD 13.0, which is under BSD license , brings with it various major and minor changes.

    New release with 5 years of support

    In addition to a number of major changes, some of which are visible to the user, the operating system also brings many improvements under the hood that remain hidden from the user at first glance. As usual, the duration for support and corresponding updates is 5 years from the release.

    The current standard desktop under FreeBSD 13.0 is Xfce 4.16, which was completely overhauled in December of last year, but Gnome 3.38 (“Orbis”) and other free desktop environments can also be used without any problems.

    FreeBSD 13.0 with Gnome 3.38 (“Orbis”)

    Team member “Yamagi” has kindly translated the extensive official release notes from the active and helpful German-language into German.

    ARM64 replaces i386 in Tier 1

    As part of the new major release, the ARM64 architecture takes the place of i386, the 32-bit x86 architecture, in tier 1 and, like AMD64, will be treated with priority and extended support in the future.

    By using new synchronization mechanisms, so-called epochs, in all performance-critical code paths, both smaller CPUs and those with 64 threads and more benefit from FreeBSD 13.0.

    Further information is provided by the official announcement and the German-language website The FreeBSD project itself demonstrates all the new features of FreeBSD 13.0 in an eight-minute YouTube video.

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