Fortnite: the return to iPhone is not so urgent thanks to the PS4

    In the fight between Epic Games and Apple, we learn that consoles, and particularly the PS4, are the main sources of income for Fortnite. The return of the game on iOS and the App Store is ultimately not as rushed as one might think.

    V-Bucks on Fortnite

    The PS4 is Fortnite's real gold mine // Source: Epic Games

    Fortnite on mobile is both banned from the App Store and the Play Store. However, it is the battle against Apple that really catches the eye. It must be said that Android users can access the game through other means than the Google app store and therefore are not too affected by this story.

    Everything suggests that those responsible for Fortnite are eager to put their game back on the App Store to find the financial windfall represented by the platform. Recent data concerning the revenues of developer Epic Games, however, qualifies this analysis. The real gold mine is indeed much more on the PlayStation 4 – and consoles more generally – than on the iPhone.

    Legal battle

    The legal fight is currently raging in the United States in the courts between Epic Games and Apple. The creators of Fortnite want to prove that the Cupertino company engages in anti-competitive practices on the App Store by pointing the finger in particular the commission charged on all purchases and subscriptions in-app. For his part, the apple brand obviously defends its position.

    In this regard, several documents are appearing on both sides to present each other's arguments. Apple notably criticizes Epic Games for having offered an alternative payment method on its game in order to avoid the commission. The developer responded with a massive communications plan portraying Apple as a bad apple.

    Fortnite mostly depends on the PS4

    However, it is precisely thanks to one of these legal documents that we learn that Fortnite records transactions primarily on Sony's PlayStation 4. This console thus represents 46.8% of the revenue generated by the game between March 2018 and July 2020. This is much more than the Xbox One, which ranks second with 27.5%.

    iOS only comes in fifth place among the main platforms on which Fortnite generates money by representing 7% of the sum over the same period. The rest of the cake is split between Android devices, Nintendo Switch, and PCs. In 2020, according to projections, the iPhones would have represented only 5.8% of the revenues of Fortnite without taking into account the ban.

    In a separate deposition, Epic's CFO, Joe Babcock, had previously confirmed the very relative importance of iPhones for Fortnite. « iOS was always the lowest or second lowest if Android was included, right? », Then asked the lawyers. Question to which the manager had answered in the affirmative.

    The fight against Apple can drag on

    What we can assume from these numbers is that Epic Games can afford to continue its legal fight against Apple. Admittedly, the developer is certainly recording a significant shortfall, but as long as he can take advantage of the Sony and Microsoft consoles, he will undoubtedly have the cash inflows necessary to maintain a comfortable position.

    In addition, Epic Games recently welcomed new investors who have staked a billion dollars to prepare the future of the firm, including 200 million dollars contributed by Sony. Financially, therefore, there should not be a fire in the lake for a little while.

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