Far Cry 6: The new trailer shows the capabilities of the engine. Ray tracing and FSR in action

A short trailer showing the possibilities of the graphics engine has appeared on the web. The game features ray tracing and AMD FSR.

Ray tracing is slowly becoming an inseparable part of the games released today. Many other publishers and developers have followed EA Dice’s 2018 release of Battlefield V, the first AAA ray tracing game. Recently, we could read about RT in Dying Light 2, earlier about RT in Battlefield 2042. Now it’s time for Far Cry 6. Here, however, we are not dealing with NVIDIA’s cooperation with Ubisoft, because AMD has entered into such a deal. In the short trailer we can see how RT looks in action and it must be admitted that it looks pretty good. All this indicates that reflections and shadows will be the central part of ray tracing in Far Cry 6. We have no information whether it will also appear global lighting.

AMD released a short trailer showing the engine’s capabilities and confirmed support for ray tracing and FSR. See the video.

Reflections, according to AMD’s assurances, will work in hybrid mode, so we will not be dealing with SSR or Cube Maps replacement, but rather simultaneous rendering for rasterization and RT. On the trailer itself, it is not so noticeable, because the camera is in passive mode and in addition to reflections of indirect static objects on the screen, we see only dynamic ray tracing – a flamethrower and an explosion. So we do not know how large the RT rebound will be introduced. The second effect is shading. Again, we can only observe ray tracing on the screen, and in this case AMD does not mention any hybrid rendering. It will probably be resolved like in other games. Ray tracing will change to rasterize after exiting the draw range circle.

AMD assures players that Ubisoft’s production will be optimized for AMD Ryzen processors and Radeon graphics cards. We can believe it, especially when looking at the performance of these components in the previous game – AC: Valhalla. We will have a Fidelity FX Super Resolution at our disposal, which will help in achieving the appropriate performance – especially with ray tracing and in high resolution. Let us also remind you that the premiere of the game will take place on October 7 this year and so far we have already received the official hardware requirements for Far Cry 6. Are you waiting?

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