End to telephone terror: this changes the Telecommunications Act for you

    Bloody irritating, those unwanted calls from telemarketers. Today a new law has come into effect that means that call centers are no longer allowed to call you just like that. This is what you need to know about the new Telecommunications Act.

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    5 facts about the new Telecommunications Act

    1. Call-me-well Register

    The most important change in the new Telecommunications Act is that we change from a Bel-me-not Register to a call-me-well Register go. As of today, call centers are no longer allowed to just call you with ‘irresistible offers'. If they do, they risk a hefty fine.

    These are companies that call for telemarketing purposes. Think, for example, of an energy company, sellers of solar panels, or recruiters for charities. From now on, these parties may only contact you if you have given explicit permission to do so.

    2. The exceptions

    Exceptions have been included in the new Telecommunications Act. Companies where you are (or have been) a customer are still allowed to call you. This period applies until three years after termination of the contract. So if you switched energy supplier two years ago, the old supplier can simply call you.

    Are you not waiting for this? The old energy supplier is required by law to ask during the call whether you want to remain on their call list or not. Of course you can also bring this up during the conversation. You should also have the option to let companies know in advance that you no longer want to be called.

    3. Are you self-employed?

    Are you a sole proprietor in the register of the Chamber of Commerce? Even then, your phone will ring less often. The new Telecommunications Act does not only apply to consumers, but also to the self-employed. Nothing changes for other forms of business.

    4. Long Live Caller ID

    Another change in the new Telecommunications Act: telemarketers are no longer allowed to make anonymous calls. Caller ID must always be turned on.

    As a consumer, you get the chance to see in advance who is calling you. You can then decide whether or not you are interested in this, and possibly block the number.

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    find anonymous caller

    5. Goodbye Don't Call Me Registry

    In recent years, it has rained complaints about unwanted telephone calls to the Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM). In 2019, more than 1,000 reports were received, but last year this number exploded to 3,700.

    The new Telecommunications Act makes it easier for ACM to hand out fines. The law does this by reversing the burden of proof. A telemarketer calls you unsolicited and do you report this to ACM? Then it is up to the call center to prove that they have not broken the law.

    Previously, the burden of proof lay with consumers. If you got an unwanted call, it was up to you to prove it. In practice, however, this was difficult, because telemarketers often called anonymously. As of today, the Do Not Call Register no longer exists.

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