Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins

    After sixteen years, a new sequel arrives in the world of games with a popular character, and finally something almost incomprehensible has happened. The Doctor Who video game turned out pretty well. A witty look at the horror in the found footage, this time using a mobile phone as the game’s interface, Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is a faithful adaptation of a long-running science fiction series that moves on to its threatening recent antagonists: The Weeping Angels. Developed by Maze Theory in partnership with BBC Studios, Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is a narrative adventure created by the award-winning Kaigan Games. Fans of the series will find a lot here that they will like, because the story is completely true to the tone and heart series, but it is also really fun to solve puzzles with a lot of challenges in the type of escape room solving puzzles. Although in this case it's more like “don't let the Weeping Angels escape” with the situation on the mobile phone.

    Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins begins by finding a discarded cell phone. When unlocked, he greets the players with a greeting from Petronello Osgood. A scientist from UNIT and a friend of Tardis who drives Time Lord, Osgood soon realizes that the Doctor left you the mobile phone of this missing person for a reason. So he asks you to help find the owner of the phone. Presented in many promotions, it is obvious that the creatures presented are none other than the “Weeping Angels” series. A powerful type of alien that has existed since the beginning of time and looks like stone angels. And although they can't move as long as something is looking at them, just look away for a second and the angel will be able to approach the undoubted victims in the blink of an eye. Angels work like a kind of energy vampire, capable of exhausting the future of their victims from existence. The touch of an angel can send a person into the past forever, without the possibility of returning to the present and living a fulfilled life ever again. This is why they make a seriously threatening villain for this game.

    Most of the game takes place like an episode of Doctor Who. It takes place entirely on a mobile phone where players will have to find and unlock clues to send them to Osgood. The phone is also blurred and encrypted, but the further players get to the truth, the more Osgood will be able to unlock various apps on the phone. Initially the phone itself has several locked apps, including a web browser, image gallery, text calls, phone calls and email, along with a direct line to Osgood. Most of the game features real photos, audio and live videos, and all use real human actors who have left a bunch of pre-recorded tracks on the phone. The game contains a lot of horror elements, although a large part of it deciphers different parts of the phone. Blurry phone images, creepy messages and phone calls are sent to you as you progress, as more and more hints are slowly coming true and even interrupting the game the further you go. Be prepared for Easter eggs, along with some good old-fashioned raids, because the angels will do everything they can to stop you on the way.

    The Lonely Assassins

    A lot of data from a mobile phone is encrypted for a good reason, so the focus is on unlocking the game’s narrative in collaboration with Osgood. This includes finding informative little things and hints in a mobile phone adventure. If you enjoy escaping from room type puzzles that involve finding codes and putting together clues and coded messages, this game is all about that. Collect every bit of data from delivery addresses to even mysterious tabloid websites. The story itself is simple when everything is put together. For fans of the series, there are a lot of references to Angels, and even mentioning a few fan favorite Doctors seen in the game. Although it is a fast game intended for one game, it is still a lot of fun. There are also many branches of dialogue and useful customization of the user interface, including the ability to add subtitles and speed up in-game texts in the home menu.

    A short but fun escape room, a kind of puzzle-solving, Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is a refreshing approach to a horror story with found footage that replaces the camera with a mobile phone. Fans of Doctor Who who, no matter who your favorite doctor was, should give it a try.

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