Column: What if… there was a Marketplace for individuals

From Disney Plus-series What If..? inspires me for my own series: What if…? apps edition.

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What if… apps edition

My new favorite thing is What If…?. This animated series takes a look at alternate timelines in the Marvel superhero universe, each time tweaking a small detail. Like what if Peggy Carter gets the Super Serum? Or what if T’Challa becomes Star Lord? These small adjustments make a big difference and it inspires me to think about other things. Because what if…

What if… there was a Marketplace for individuals?

Anyone who sells things through Marktplaats runs into typical Marktplaats problems that I have already discussed in detail discussed. But buying something also causes more and more irritation.

When Marktplaats started (again in 1999), placing advertisements was still free. Marktplaats was later taken over by eBay and now you are tempted on all sides to spend money. From placing advertisements of expensive products to bringing up an old advertisement.

It’s great that money is being made, of course, but there are limits. If you are looking for a product, nowadays you have to dig through pages of advertisements from companies, until you find that there is nothing nearby. Isn’t it time for a Marketplace for private individuals again? It will surely be popular.

What if… we could watch series and movies with English subtitles?

Series and films on the various streaming services are not always easy to understand. That’s why I like to turn on subtitles, to make sure I don’t miss anything.

When I watch something in English, I also want English subtitles, because I like to experience something in the original language. I also prefer English with other languages ​​that I don’t master, because Dutch subtitles are often simply not that good and drop a lot of stitches. Think of d/t errors and dubious translations of sensitive words.

But it happens all too often that you can only choose from English with audio description. Nothing makes an exciting situation less exciting than the text [TENSE MUSIC], or a romantic scene less romantic than the description of kissing sounds. Don’t get me wrong: It is good and necessary that audio description subtitles exist for people with hearing impairments, but please also provide the standard English subtitles as an option.

What if… people learn to use Buienradar?

Like many others, I follow Buienradar on Twitter. As soon as something special happens with the weather, I usually find out this way. The weather of the next day is also often summarized in a tweet. Useful.

But on Twitter you often see the tweets that accounts you follow respond to. It happens bizarrely that people tweet to Buienradar angry, disappointed and especially soaking wet to say that the rain forecast is wrong, because there is nothing to see on the map.

Buienradar then already sees the shower and has to patiently explain practically every day that people should use the precise 3 hours ahead instead of the unreliable forecast of 24 hours ahead. Although that may say more about the interface of the app than about the users.

What are your ‘What if…’? Let us know in the comments!

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