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    A few days ago we wrote about leaks regarding the next-gen version of The Witcher 3. Namely, decoding some shots from the trailer of the upcoming WitcherCon, Internet users concluded that the event would be a harbinger of a game port for new generation consoles. The shots found, inter alia, vampire Bruksy, Fiend or Warden from the Hearts of Stone expansion. Currently, however, we have received the full schedule of the event, which will take place on July 9, and none of the titles of the upcoming panels suggests a console port announcement. However, we will find out how it will be finally in a dozen or so days. The first coverage of WitcherCon will start on Twitch and YouTube on July 9 at 19:00. The second – on July 10 at 03:00 CET.

    The WitcherCon coverage will begin on Twitch and YouTube on July 9 at 19:00 Polish time. What materials will be presented?

    CD Projekt RED and Netflix announced the date and schedule of WitcherCon.  What can we expect? [1]

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in the next-gen version will appear at WitcherCon – the revealed shots from the trailer reveal it

    WitcherCon begins on July 9 – the first global celebration for fans of the Witcher universe. The event will take place naturally online, and it will be prepared jointly by Netflix and CD Projekt Red. The plan of the event includes a series of interactive discussion panels, each of which will contain information and surprises about games, the series “The Witcher” and anime production entitled The Witcher: Bane of the Wolf. Participants will be able to see special materials that will allow you to trace the process of the expansion of the Witcher universe.

    CD Projekt RED and Netflix announced the date and schedule of WitcherCon.  What can we expect? [2]

    Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales – CD Projekt RED mobile game now also available on Android in the Freemium version

    As we read in the event schedule (above), the guests of the panels will be such personalities as Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, Anya Chalotra, Mimî M Khayisa, Paul Bullion or Geralt himself, i.e. Henry Cavill. Interestingly, the cast, along with the creator of the Netflix series, will sit down to play with the Destiny Deck, consisting of cards with questions from the Witcher community. There will also be Q&A sessions with the creators of the game trilogy. As we have already mentioned, none of the panel titles suggest the announcement of the long-awaited port of the last part of the trilogy for new consoles directly, but we will not be surprised if such an announcement appears only in the several-second trailer, somewhere between subsequent panels, or at the very end of WitcherCon. And below is a video inviting you to the party:

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