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    The magical adventure takes place in Bests of Maravilla Island, a research puzzle game on the Nintendo Switch developed by Banana Bird Studios and published by Whitethorn Digital. Players will explore the island of Maravilla as Marina Montez, a young wildlife photographer trying to unravel the mysteries preserved in her grandfather's diary. Beasts of Maravilla Island is a relaxing and colorful adventure and will probably appeal to fans of games like New Pokemon Snap and Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. However, although the design of Maravilla Island is breathtaking, there are a few mistakes that can create problems during the game.

    The journey begins with Marina's voyage to the island. She is not sure that she believes her grandfather's claims about the magical inhabitants of the island and intends to reveal the truth. From the very beginning in the Beasts of Maravilla Island, players spot an ethereal deer lurking only among the trees. He quickly disappears, leaving Marina to begin his journey through the jungle with his grandfather's diary as a guide. As players make their way through the biomes of the island of Maravilla, they will learn that Marina's grandfather hoped to ensure the preservation of the island by sharing its beauty through photography with the world.

    Taking photos and interacting with the environment in Beasts of Maravilla Island is intuitive and easy. Players enter Camera Mode with the LZ bumper and can zoom in or vice versa with the direction keys. If you press “A”, the subject of the photo will be taken. Much like Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, players will need to fill in their Photo Album with photos they have taken and meet goals in each area. These goals can be checked by opening a diary or photo album at any time. In order to move around each biome, players will have to solve simple puzzles. These puzzles involve painting a particular flower to bloom or whistling to get the animal's attention.

    Although most species in each Beasts of Maravilla Island biome are fairly easy to find and paint, things become more challenging when you try to capture a few specific behaviors of Biome’s special creatures. In the first part, players will need to paint four pictures of Rainbow Crested Quetzal Monkey, and in the next two areas four pictures each of Maravillan Scaled Otter and Golden Crowned Griffin. Such behaviors can be triggered at specific locations in each biome and will require a whistle or command from the player to trigger. Unfortunately, these behavior-specific photographs are limited to only one species in each area.

    Beasts of Maravilla IslandThere are several features that could be added to encourage research and add current playing time to Beasts of Maravilla Island. Adding a photo rating system similar to photo ranking in New Pokemon Snap would give players much more work during the game. Currently, it is easy to find most species on the island of Maravilla, and players can take any photo from any angle as long as the subject species is needed.

    Beasts of Maravilla IslandBy adding a rating system, players would have an incentive to spend more time reaching certain angles of each creature and would have more work to do in each biome. The ability to interact with more than just specific species in each biome would also be a fun way to interact with the environment, allowing players to take special shots of birds if they whistle at the right time or use flash cameras to activate different beetles and plants.

    The biggest failures for the Beasts of Maravilla Island are the omissions and mistakes that happen when interacting with the environment. Often players will find themselves through leaves and stones. This also happens when climbing vines and trees. If a player encounters a dead end on the map, Marina may get stuck on objects and you will have to leave the game and reload it to continue. These problems give the game an unfinished look and can be frustrating and disruptive to the game. A patch to smooth climbing animations and prevent leaks through objects would greatly improve your overall playing ability.

    Beasts of Maravilla Island is a great game for fans of fantasy creatures, magical settings and beautiful works of art. Although simple, it is intuitive and great for toys of any age. While a few improvements could be added to help the Beasts of Maravilla Island compete with other photographic-style puzzle games, the current gameplay is charming and relaxing. With a few patches to fix currently present bugs and omissions, Beasts of Maravilla Island could be a powerful choice for easy a fantastic adventure.

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