Battlefield doesn't want to leave Call of Duty and Fortnite alone on mobile

    The famous FPS Battlefield license comes to our smartphones. Enough to compete with Call of Duty Mobile and Fortnite.

    Image of Battlefield 6 for illustration

    Promotional image of Battlefield 6 for illustration // Source: Electronic Arts

    Video games now only take place on PC and consoles. Gone are the days when smartphones and tablets were only used to play Candy Crush or Doodle Jump, our mobile platforms can nowadays claim to be gaming machines. Among the hits of the moment, we can obviously mention Call of Duty Mobile, Fortnite, League of Legends Wild Rift or Genshin Impact coming soon to PlayStation consoles as well.

    Electronics Arts of course does not want to leave its piece of the pie to the competition and has just announced the development of a new game under the Battlefield license.

    Battlefield to arrive on smartphones

    In a press release, the American publisher has just announced that a brand new Battlefield will arrive on smartphones and tablets in 2022. The title is developed by the Industrial Toys studio, in close collaboration with DICE, the studio behind the canonical episodes.

    The precision is clearly stated: this is a completely separate game, designed especially for mobile platforms. So do not expect to cross-play or multiplayer cross-platform, but expect mechanics designed for tactile gameplay and a small screen. The idea is to create a full-fledged experience ” skill-based “. Hopefully, EA means by this the total absence of pay-to-win components that can be seen on some mobile games.

    For the moment, no details on the game or its economic model are communicated. The title is nevertheless entering its test phase, which gives hope that we will learn more by its release next year.

    The mobile market war

    With big names like Activision, Epic or Riot Games already widely present on mobile, it was only a matter of time before Electronic Arts brought its flagship license to our smartphones. CoD Mobile, Fortnite, and LoL Wild Rift are examples of free-to-play successful games allowing you to play for free with relatively sound financial mechanics. Hopefully, EA follows the same path and offers such a clean variation. The publisher also announced this week the arrival of another successful license on smartphones: Apex Legends Mobile.

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