Astronomers observe for the first time how a black hole devours the silhouette of a star

    A team of astronomers witnessed the tearing apart of a star, just before being consumed by a black hole. For astronomers around the world, the fact that black holes emit radiation is not new. For decades, this was thought to be the product of the stars breaking inside. However, the process of dismemberment of such a celestial body has never been observed before. Today, it is possible to observe the silhouette of a star disintegrating, before getting lost inside.

    Most of the stars in the universe die of natural causes. Over time, they collapse onto their core exploding or cool down, because their fuel has run out. But some others do not suffer the same fate: they can be absorbed by supermassive black holes more easily.

    For years, scientists dedicated to studying these astronomical phenomena have assumed that stars break when trapped by black holes. Dismemberment as such has never been observed, until now. Astronomers from the SRON Space Research Institute in the Netherlands / Radboud University first saw the silhouette of a spaghetti star.

    What happens inside a black hole?

    For sure, nobody knows. The knowledge gap in this area is due to the fact that nothing has been able to escape its immeasurable gravitational force. Today we know that stars disintegrate into fine filaments before being eaten forever, with no escape.

    Due to the gravity of a black hole, there are ends of the stars that are pulled further inward, until it rips them apart. Astronomers colloquially refer to this phenomenon as a “spaghetti star.” Although it is not the official term, it describes very well what happens before the celestial body is permanently lost.

    Upon falling into the black hole, the star emits a brief burst of radiation. Never before, however, has the process been observed with real materials. Today, the spectral absorption was finally able to register. Like a line of thread connecting to a larger ball, this is how the star was seen: inevitably tearing apart, before disappearing.

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