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    Soon we will get to know Apple's new operating system, the macOS Monterey. Now this type of release is usually good news. However, the latest news has Apple users furious. Especially those who have recently invested in a Mac with Intel chipset. Is that although the new operating system comes with very interesting functions, they will only be available for new Mac. Needless to say, this is making many users unhappy. I personally am.

    Apple makes users furious with the latest news!

    In fact, if you don't have a Mac based on the M1 chipset and many people don't, there are new things that you won't be able to use on your computer.

    One of the functions that is left out is the possibility to use Facetime in Portrait mode. This blurs the background when you are on a video call.

    However, another one of the shortcomings is Live Text. In practice, it allows you to interact with the text that is present in photos and images. This will not be possible on a mac with an Intel chipset.

    Also missing is the Apple Maps globe view. Furthermore, it will not be possible to see detailed maps in cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and London.

    Dictation functions are also left out.

    In fact, anyone using an Intel-based Mac doesn't have much to smile about. It's just that it's very unpleasant for a person to know that they even have a relatively recent computer and that they can't take advantage of all the features.

    Apple furiosos

    But beyond that this indicates one thing. It's just that Apple will eventually start to leave behind all Intel-chip-based computers. This turns out to be a great lack of respect for customers who have invested a lot of Euros in a machine. In fact, they are still on sale and cost over 2000 Euros.

    Last June, when Apple announced the transition to new processors, it said it would continue to support Macs based on Intel chipsets for many years to come. Apparently this may be more limited support as it looks like some features are going to get in the way.

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