Android: Plastic smartphones are the best!

    Before you pick up your scythes or load your weapons, I ask you to read to the end. It's true that most people prefer glass smartphones. However, this can be a big blunder. It's true that we walk down the street with a pretty smartphone in hand. But at what price? So let's look at the reasons why plastic Android smartphones are better.

    Android: Plastic smartphones are the best!

    Glass smartphones are heavier and more fragile

    That glass is much more fragile under the vast majority of conditions we all know. However, not everyone has the feeling that it is also heavier. Yet this is absolutely true. Plastic smartphones have the advantage of being lighter and also more resistant. Certainly, if the Nokia 3310 were made of glass, it wouldn't have had the same reputation that it still maintains to this day: – the Chuck Norris of mobile phones. If your smartphone is made of glass and falls from the rear, it's over. It's all broken. Especially in stone. If it's plastic, eventually it won't even need repair, leaving you with a scratch.

    Android smartphones plastic

    Plastic designs are very attractive

    Most people think plastic smartphones are horrible. But this is far from the truth. In fact, you can make fantastic equipment using only this material like the Samsung has proven itself in the latest models. The best examples are the Galaxy Note 20 it's the Galaxy S20 FE. They are beautiful and besides, they are not the world's center of fingerprints.

    Android smartphones plastic

    In fact, smartphones made of glass quickly become littered with fingerprints and smudges. In conclusion, we have to clean them all the time, in most cases with the shirt, which is the most handy. Furthermore, smartphones are less slippery. This makes it harder for them to slip out of hand.

    Plastic on Android smartphones does not cause problems with 5G or wireless charging

    One of the problems with 5G smartphones and charging technologies is limited range. Furthermore, it is also easy to obstruct the signal. That's why manufacturers prefer to use glass over aluminum. However, plastic is still a better choice. It's perfect for wireless charging and also for 5G.

    Android smartphones plastic

    Have you noticed the white or gray lines that appear on the top and bottom edges of your smartphone? They are in practice antennas. I mean, more or less. These are plastic lines that allow the signal from the smartphone's antennas to pass through the metal that holds the glass together. Seeing this we quickly realize that plastic is practically invisible to radio waves. So manufacturers don't need to be putting more antennas here and there to ensure the best reception. Plastic lets everything through.

    Repairs are much easier

    There are several manufacturers that choose to use plastic to make the repairs simpler. If we travel a bit in time, that was the reason the Galaxy S5 was plastic. In fact, at the time, Samsung said that this would make it much easier to repair and replace the battery.

    Android smartphones plastic

    Even though it's not so good nowadays, it's still very easy to remove the plastic rear structures and even buy new ones. Even if there are fixing adhesives, it can be removed without breaking anything.

    In my opinion these are excellent reasons to buy a plastic smartphone. And if you're worried that these smartphones might be less beautiful, remember that the secret is in the design and not so much in the materials used.

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