Android 12: The Developer Preview 3 brings round menus and various features

    Google yesterday unveiled the latest version of Android 12 in the form of Developer Preview 3. This is the last preview for developers before the arrival of the beta scheduled for next month.

    The Developer Preview 3 of Android 12 brings some aesthetic innovations. This is especially true of the roundness of the software interface: The corners of the different menus are much more rounded, whether for the multitasking preview, for the widgets or for the windows that open as pop-ups in the settings.

    The volume control bar is also rounder, wider and more rounded than the one available until now. Also, when opening the app, users will be greeted with a splash screen showing the application logo which is nothing more than a way for Android 12 to make the transition while the application is loading.

    As for the widgets, Google has decided to thoroughly revise the menu to add them to the home screen. From today it is possible to search among the various widgets offered on your smartphone through a simple search bar. Furthermore, as 9to5Google reports, the list of various widgets available will also include recommendations.

    Among other new features, XDA Developers reports that the one-handed operation mode is now enabled by default on the DP3: it allows a swipe of your finger to go down on the screen to be able to access all parts of the display with your finger.

    The management of screenshots also offers a small change. As is already the case, it is still possible to annotate a screenshot with diagrams or text. However, Android 12 DP3 allows you to choose the text font for these annotations.

    In addition to these aesthetic aspects, Android 12 DP3 also includes a welcome change regarding the notifications. Users will be able to configure the notifications that it can send for each application. This update therefore offers the activation – or deactivation – of four types of notifications: real-time notifications, messaging notifications, predefined notifications and silent notifications.

    Still, with regard to notifications, a small counter is now displayed next to each group of notifications on the dedicated screen to know how many notifications are pending, without having to scroll through the list.

    In addition, Android 12 will allow you to open verified links directly in applications, without additional dialogs. Specifically, if you open a “” link on Facebook, while you have the Twitter application on your smartphone, the page will open directly on the Twitter application, without asking you if you prefer to browse through your Internet browser.

    Download and exit

    These new features are now available in Android 12 Developer Preview 3 on Pixel 3 and 3 XL Google Pixel smartphones.

    The next version of Android 12 is expected to be the first beta while the final version is scheduled for September.

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