A cracked smartphone screen will regenerate itself within a fraction of a second. Scientists from India have created new material |

    Self-healing materials existed before, but they are far from perfect. The main disadvantage is that they are too soft and susceptible to scratching. Such a solution was used, for example, in the LG Flex smartphone. Indian scientists from the Institute of Science Education and Research in Calcutta and employees of the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur took it a step further and created a new crystalline organic material that is able to regenerate itself. The relevant point is that “self-repair” takes fractions of a second and is essentially imperceptible to the human eye. This technology can be used in the production of screens and accessory protection of displays on smartphones and tablets.

    Indian scientists have developed a new transparent material that is able to regenerate itself. After a fraction of a second, the glass will return to the state it was in before the damage. Solved, it will be perfect for smartphones.

    A cracked smartphone screen will regenerate itself within a fraction of a second.  Scientists in India have created new material [1]

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    Thegraph India reports that scientists from India have developed an organic crystalline material with a unique molecular structure that is able to regenerate itself after mechanical damage. The repair process only takes a fraction of a second, which makes it imperceptible. Currently available materials with similar properties are usually soft and have an irregular structure. Not only that, regeneration requires the use of additional external factors, for example light, chemicals or heat. The newly developed material is up to 10 times harder and much faster to repair.

    A cracked smartphone screen will regenerate itself within a fraction of a second.  Scientists in India have created new material [2]

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    Ultimately, the solution can be used in the electronics and optical industries. The self-regenerating screen of a smartphone or watch, as well as glasses that would return to their original shape after contact with a hard surface – that sounds great. Unfortunately, this is not the first time we meet with buzzing announcements of technologies that will not necessarily find consumer use. Nevertheless, the characteristics of the material are impressive and give hope for the future.

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