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    Samsung has introduced a robotic vacuum cleaner that goes beyond the patterns we have been used to so far. It was introduced at CES 2021, but now the commercial debut has begun, and from July 2021 we discover it on the shelves of local stores.

    1. The world's first vacuum cleaner with active 3D stereo sensor and Intel AI;

    Scans up to 1 meter, horizontal field of view – 60 degrees and vertical field of view – 40 degrees. He is able to discover and avoid small objects on the floor. The 3D depth camera is the equivalent of 256,000 distance sensors and in terms of small objects it detects – they can be up to 1 cm. They also brought a conventional sensor – LiDAR

    I admit that I did not know that Intel has concerns in such a field. In fact, what is it about?

    Intel AI helps the vacuum cleaner recognize objects. From here comes an extra precision, it is able to recognize appliances, furniture. Samsung says it is able to clean around toys on the floor, while avoiding contact with a porcelain vase, etc. Recognize glass cups, electrical cords, even pet excrement.

    3. Clean Station – you do not have to worry about dust and dirt collected in the tank;

    I use a Rowenta vacuum cleaner and after each cleaning I empty his tank. It doesn't have much storage space and I don't want it to get too tight. Samsung has thought about this aspect and the Jet Bot AI + brings an external unit called Clean Station that collects dirt and dust in a 2.5 liter bag. You can replace it once a month or after three months. It uses a technology called Air Pulse through which the dirt is transferred to the bag in the Clean Station.

    3. Home monitoring through Patrol mode and front camera;

    I don't know of any other vacuum cleaner that incorporates a similar function. Jet Bot AI + has a video camera that transmits a video stream that you can access through the SmartThings application (Samsung says that the data is encrypted and only one user has access to the material). You can navigate the house with the vacuum cleaner to check different spaces, etc.

    4. Motor with digital inverter and advanced powerful cleaning technologies;

    The motor on the Jet Bot AI is of the digital inverter type. The vacuum cleaner is able to recognize the type of floor and the amount of dust and adjust the power allocated for cleaning. It has a 5-layer filtration system and collects 99.99% of micro dust (including 0.5 – 4.2 nanometer particles). All parts and filters can be cleaned.

    5. Pet care;

    It is a function that starts in August, but I am not sure that we will have something similar in our country, but who knows. You can check and take care of your pet when you are not at home. It synchronizes with the products from PETKIT (Element Feeder series) and the smart pet house – COZY.

    The idea is that even without these functions, you can see what the pet is doing through Patrol Mode and navigating the house.

    Official statement:

    “Jet Bot AI + reflects Samsung's ongoing commitment to creating connected appliances that deliver dynamic performance tailored to the diverse needs of our users. We are very much looking forward to introducing a robotic vacuum cleaner equipped with state-of-the-art object detection and recognition technologies. Users can now clean their homes in a smarter and more efficient way using AI-powered Jet Bot, which turns the cleaning process into a more personalized and convenient one. ” stated Hyesoon Yang, Vice President and Head of the Customer Experience Team of the Digital Appliances Business la Samsung Electronics.

    PS: It seems very tall to me and I don't know if it falls under any piece of furniture.

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